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kismetics: MyFitnessPal still does the in 5 weeks thing.

not when you’re under your caloric goal.

2203) “Do you ever eat??” “Why aren’t you eating?” “You’re not having dinner with us??” “Are you on a diet??” “What are you eating??” SHUT UP PLEASE. SHUT UP!!!

MYFITNESSPAL DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE “If everyday where like today you would weigh____ in 5 weeks” IF YOU EAT UNDER YOUR CALORIE GOAL ANYMORE


lost another 2 pounds in 11 days…

better than the 2 i lost in 2 months

Today my mom said “I’d be so proud if one of you got a job.”

I’m working 2 jobs while going to school full time and taking an extra semester to get my GPA higher.

Sorry that’s not good enough

Anonymous: Your blog is lyfe♡ ily

thank you! =]

Anonymous: Hey gurl heyyyyyyy♡

heyyy heyyyy

Anonymous: Please stay strong! We are here for you

<3 =]

I haven’t purged in a while. Not on purpose just haven’t.

And I’m going back to school and living by myself so that’s going to change

My mom yelled at me for taking extra dessert, which I didn’t, and she told me to leave so she didn’t have to look at me.

Over a dessert